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Looking for an Internship or Job? Utilize Your Professor's Experience and Contacts.

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by Laura Lynch

When looking for an internship or a job, utilizing your professors and school services can really help. From my own experiences, let me tell you, it has truly made a difference.

I had the privilege of having the most encouraging professor during my internship class. She did her best to impart knowledge on interviewing, resume writing, and the like.

However, of all of of these physical lessons, perhaps the best one was connecting with me on LinkedIn. This turned out to be the most valuable asset I could have ever walked away with from that class.

Finding a job in New York is hard, and finding a full-time job in New York is even harder. To top that off, we work in very a competitive field. Your professors, through their industry experience, know people and have connections in companies that you may want to work for and you should never think twice about asking them for help.

Regarding my personal experience, I had been applying to jobs, but I never heard anything back about any of the positions I applied for and was used to that. One day I was on LinkedIn and saw the absolute perfect job for me at Tiffany’s & Co. and I saw that my professor was connected to the person who posted the job. So, I completed the application and emailed my professor to let her know I had applied and also sent her my cover letter and resume, which she sent directly to her contact. In a few short days I received an email from Tiffany's Human Resources Department thanking me for my application.

Ever since then I’ve sent emails periodically checking on the position. And while there hasn't been any further response as of yet, I can confidently say that I know that they know I will not give up if they don’t respond to me. 

Now of course, every job application doesn't turn into a job. But just knowing the right person can be all the difference in applying for a job and getting a job. Don't be afraid to ask for help because most professors are more than willing to help you. You just have to take the first step and ask.

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