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My Journey to the LIM Center for Graduate Studies

posted by Parvat Vardhini Krishna


Vardhinis_pic_for_LIM_blog_1.jpgI am from India, and it was always my dream to study fashion in New York City. Like they say, when you truly wish for something, it does come true.

I got married last year and moved to New York City since my husband has been living here. A new country, and a city where people from all walks of life come to live their dream.

I completed my masters degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in India before I moved here. After coming to NYC, I researched and networked with several people regarding opportunities in the field of Fashion.

My professor from NIFT connected me to a (then) Visiting Scholar in NYC who is currently the director of NIFT. She connected me to a few alumni of NIFT who were working in the fashion industry in NYC. It was through her that I heard about LIM College for the very first time. She mentioned that an alum of NIFT had pursued her Masters at LIM, and was very happy with the program.

It was then that I started doing in-depth research about LIM and several other colleges in NYC which offered Fashion programs. After thoroughly researching the subject, I found that LIM was the only college which offered a "specialized" program in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management – my core area of interest.LIM_Globe.jpg

Other colleges offered a generic program in the field of Fashion, and some of them ran for over a year. LIM fitted my criteria just perfect as I was also looking for a full-time program that could be completed within a year.

I attended a couple of information sessions and open houses which LIM often conducts. This proved to be very helpful in clarifying my queries regarding the curriculum, and I also learned about the job prospects after completing the program. I also met a graduate student ambassador who happened to be my husband’s colleague’s wife. She shared her experience of being an LIM graduate student, and gave me a tour of the three Midtown campuses.

The best part about LIM is the friendly nature of its staff, who were always available to answer my concerns via email or in-person. I was also given an opportunity to attend a live class to understand how a typical classroom session would feel like.

LIM is a closely knit community with a very welcoming administrative group. This was a crucial reason why I chose LIM among other colleges. I am in my final semester now, and I can still vouch for the approachable and understanding staff at LIM!

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