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One Grad Student's Journey to an Internship at Max Mara

posted by Gabrielle Aranda

Anastasia_Grishankova1There’s nothing more refreshing than having a conversation with someone who is so passionate and full of life. That’s exactly how one would describe 22-year-old MPS Graduate student, Anastasia Grishankova. The Russian native received her bachelor’s degree in accounting, but pursued an interest in fashion. Working in fashion PR in Russia, she even worked as the Fashion Assistant to the Fashion Director of InStyle there. Even with everything going on track, she craved adventure and wanted to study marketing.

So, with her thirst for knowledge and passion for fashion, she began looking for schools that met her criteria. She chose LIM’S MPS in Fashion Marketing because after looking at the curriculum, she felt like it was everything she needed and wanted to know about Fashion Marketing integrated into a Master’s program. To her it was compact and would offer her an advantage in the competitive industry.

Before her first semester ended, Anastasia already had started applying for internships for the spring semester. She now works as a PR intern in Max Mara. Her responsibilities include dealing with traffic sampling and sending samples to celebrities like Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Anastasia also compiles press clippings and reports.

Anastasia1When asked how she got her internship, she answered, “Through Simplicity, of course. It’s a great resource to look for openings and job opportunities.” While she is truly enjoying her time here in NYC, Anastasia admits that there are certain struggles that she has to deal with every day like the language barrier, adjusting to another new culture and establishing new relationships. Nevertheless, she tackles everything with a brave face. Her plans for the future include starting her own business—something related to fashion, but, she would like to do something that will also help those in need.

After starting a jewelry business back in Russia that didn’t do so well, Anastasia admits to not doing enough research and preparation as the reasons for its failure. Now, she knows better. “Life is all about getting up and learning from every mistake.”

When asked if she has any tips for fellow graduate students looking for an internship, she says, “Stay positive. Don’t get discouraged and be professional.” She also stresses that it is important to find everything there is to know about the company before an interview and lastly, “Don’t forget to follow up with a thank you letter.”

Gabrielle Aranda

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