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Online Master's Degree Programs at LIM College Parallel Innovative Changes in the Industry

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by Jacqueline Jenkins, Dean of Graduate Studies 

Computer_Phone.jpgThe fashion industry is experiencing a series of business changes. Innovative strategies are replacing traditional business models to leverage a company’s social media, technology and customer engagement processes.

Think of Rent the Runway; they changed the styling industry by renting clothes to customers online that might not have been affordable otherwise.

Large retailers are seeking new ways to reach their consumers through in-store experiences such as Macy’s new store concepts. Nordstrom acquired fashion and technology companies to enhance their online and their brick-and-mortar presence simultaneously. One of the most impactful changes is Amazon’s push for same-day delivery for almost any product category for Amazon Prime members.  

For these reasons, retailers are looking for professionals that bring insight into the fashion business, but also have an understanding of customer decision-making, market segmentation, and leadership. The LIM College Online Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management and Fashion Marketing were designed to give students these particular skills while studying from anywhere.

Also, LIM College’s focus on career advancement allows our students the opportunity to connect with career advisors that are well-versed in fashion recruitment. Our career counselors guide students to craft a resume that speaks to the needs of today’s fashion business.

About the LIM College online degree programs:

  • Degrees offered: Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management and Fashion Marketing  
  • Enrollment: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Students can start every six weeks. View admission requirements.
  • Classes: 30-credits needed to complete. Choose the number of coures that work best for your schedule (max. four classes per semester). Most students take three classes per semester. 
  • Tuition: $900 per credit plus student fees. View tuition and costs
  • Who is it for: Working professionals or recent graduates seeking advancement in the fashion industry who wish to complete courses online. 

How can you become a part of this exciting shift in fashion? Take the first step by learning more about the LIM College online graduate degree programs

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