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Prioritize Yourself and Your Life

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by Mary Beth Maslowski

Frustration.jpgBe sure that part of your summer plans include looking after yourself. With our crazy schedules it’s easy to neglect eating right and exercising, not to mention our friends and family.

Prioritizing yourself and your life is not selfish at all. Doing so is good for you and for those around you. Check out our list of what can happen if you put yourself at the bottom of your list of priorities.

Make an honest assessment of your life as it stands right now. Are you taking care of your health and paying enough attention to other people that important in your life? Do you need to save more money? Perhaps you could really use a weekend off?

Be on the lookout for the following which can occur if you’re not taking care of yourself.

  • Stress levels are higher.
  • Health is negatively affected.
  • Your sleep suffers.
  • You get easily distracted and are less focused.
  • You get more irritable or more frustrated, or impatient.
  • You have less energy and motivation
  • You suffer from emotional eating (eating too much or too little)

Really try hard not to put yourself on the bottom of your list of priorities. And know that making yourself a priority is not selfish at all. Prioritizing your well-being is good for you and for everyone around you and even is a good example for others in your life!

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