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Reflection of My Time at the LIM Center for Graduate Studies

posted by Parvat Vardhini Krishna

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I vividly remember my first day of orientation at LIM. I felt a little anxious, and I was full of expectations. I was also excited to meet new people and was feeling joyful that I was starting my second master's degree, the first in this country.

Soon after orientation week, classes commenced. The first two semesters were extremely busy with four courses in each semester. Rigorous coursework, assignments, and presentations kept me engrossed in the program.

As all my classes were held in the evening, I utilized my mornings working as a marketing coordinator in the graduate admissions department. I really liked my work as it entailed interacting with prospective students and telling them about LIM College and the admission procedures.

Being an international student myself, I could connect well with other international students and their concerns regarding studying abroad. Also, interacting with domestic and international students from all over the world during graduate events broadened my understanding of different cultures. This was truly one of the most enriching experiences of my time at LIM.

I feel privileged to be taught by some of the most knowledgeable professors in the fashion industry. The best part was the fun, practically-oriented, and interactive classroom sessions. Professors often discussed their own current and past fashion industry experiences, which made it extremely interesting.

Our assignments required store visits, conducting market research to understand nuances, and combining the two with written material to make valid inferences. Since fashion is my passion, I really enjoyed researching stores while working on my assignments. The added advantage was that I could shop as well!

As I graduate this month, I feel nostalgic about the memories that I have shared with my professors, friends, and the staff at LIM. I am truly going to miss the school. Life goes on, but the memories and experiences will stay with me forever!

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