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Summer in the City: Desire Lines

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Trouve_spoolsWhen you think of Central Park, giant spools of thread do not normally come to mind. But for Italian artist Tatiana Trouvé that's what she came up with. Tatiana marked pathways in the park and estimated how long they were.

She translated her research into a three-dimensional form and created "Desire Lines," which are three large-scale storage racks that house a total of 212 spools. Each spool is wound with rope equivalent in length to a corresponding pathway and labeled to identify its location in the park.

According to the Public Art Fund, "Trouvé’s work is also a reflection on the broader cultural significance of walking. It’s an activity that ranges from personal recreation to political statement, and has inspired poets, musicians, writers, and artists."

Tatiana has associated each pathway with a title drawn from culture and history that relates to walking. "In this way, Desire Lines is both a systematic inventory of the park and an invitation to explore the political and poetic resonance of the simple act of taking a walk."

When: Until August 30th, all day and all night

Price: Free

Where: 60th St. & 5th Ave., Manhattan

Topics: New York City, student life