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Thrift Shopping in NYC!

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by Achala Ganesan

Goodwill_Shoes.jpgThrift stores and Goodwill are a blessing for the girl or guy that is on a budget but wants some unique pieces in their wardrobe or their home. There are so many of them scattered around all the five boroughs, and they can turn out to be goldmines!

I find shopping for clothes in thrift stores/Goodwill really exciting. You never know what you’re going to come back with and you can find the most unique stuff. All those myths you’ve heard about YSL coats being "given" away for $30 and Dior shoes for $15 - they’re true! You need to really dig them out, and sometimes they’re not always in the best condition, but if they are, you’re now a proud owner of some amazing vintage pieces.

Goodwill.jpgHere are some important pointers and tips:

  • Goodwill shops can be HUGE and often disorganized! Some of the smaller ones arrange their merchandise according to color, or by size, so be sure to go through all the racks. I’ve found some amazing clothes in the men’s section.
  • There are thrift shops and Goodwill shops all over the city. Don’t just stick to one of them. Make a route one weekend and hit up a few. Each of them has a different type of merchandise!
  • Patience is key! It can be extremely overwhelming to walk into a thrift store and see racks and racks of clothing. Try to get there in the afternoon. (There’s always a lull in crowd). Carry a tote bag if you like as sometimes pushing around those huge Goodwill carts can be tiring.
  • Set a budget! It’s really easy to go overboard with purchases because so much of it is so cheap! You’ll find shirts from Express for $3 and skirts from Kenneth Cole for $5. It’s tempting to come back with half the store, but you’ll end up not wearing half of it.
  • Housewares_Goodwill.jpgNever haggle. Especially in Goodwill, cause it’s going to charity. Instead, look for the half off color each week and go specifically for those items!
  • Check out the housewares section! You can decorate your entire house with the contents of a Goodwill store. It’s amazing to see what some people throw away. I’ve gotten a full (brand new!) set of dishes and cutlery for absolute pennies.
  • Never be afraid to experiment! Because of the prices, you can afford to buy pieces a little out of your comfort zone. I myself have bought things at Goodwill that I would never have purchased at full price from a retailer and have ended up loving them more than my other clothes!
  • Have fun! 

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