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Tips for Finding Internships in the Fashion Industry in New York City

posted by Parvat Vardhini Krishna

CareerFair.jpgInternships are extremely valuable early in any career or while switching careers and are a great way to gauge your inclination in different areas to prepare you better for a full-time role. It is also an excellent way to get your "foot-in-the door" to transition in to a full time opportunity which may otherwise be available to only experienced professionals.

Interning at different firms in different capacities is the best way to be sure about the domain that you would like to pursue. Here are some of the tips to find your ‘ideal’ internship at your "dream" companies. 

  • Networking – The power of networking is phenomenal. LIM collaborates with different firms to provide access to numerous networking events to its students and faculties. We must make use of this opportunity to network and connect with employers and alumni. 
  • LinkedIn – Although this technically comes under networking, it is a mammoth in itself and needs to be treated as a different networking platform. Feel free to connect with LIM alumni, professors, and their connections to broaden your network. 
  • Symplicity – I found my internship at Jimmy Choo through Symplicity. Hence, I can certainly vouch for the platform. Explore Symplicity and go right from "LIM College Jobs and Internships" to "Simplicity extended job search." It's also helpful to use the "filter" options to narrow down your search as per your area of
  • Career Fairs – LIM conducts its career fair twice a year. Carry as many copies as you can of your resumes, and target your "dream companies" first if you’re in a time crunch. This is a great way to network as companies come with a purpose of hiring interns/full-time employees. Also, grad students are allowed in an hour before undergrad students. 
  • Following up – This is perhaps the most important of all. Send follow-up emails to people who you’ve met with at networking events or career fairs and connect via LinkedIn. If there aren't any current openings in the departments or organizations they work for, there may be opportunities in the future. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep in touch and follow up again periodically to check for future opportunities.

Good luck!

LIM's Career Fairs are a great way for students to get their foot in the door of leading fashion companies in NYC. Check out our Graduate Studies page to see which MPS is the perfect one for you.

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