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What to Wear at Your Spring Internship

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by JaNaie Fort

Spring semester has officially started which means a lot of students will begin spring internships. Starting a new internship can be an exciting but nerve-racking time, and for fashion students, one of the biggest worries is what to wear. As a former intern and someone who has worked in a number of different work environments, I can understand the desire to look good yet appropriate and feel like you belong there. Here are a few fashion tips I have to look your best.

1. Comfort is key

Red_Pump.jpgI’m sure you want to show everyone how trendy and fashion forward you are, but your internship may not be the place you want to wear those new stilettos that you can only take for about an hour before your feet are killing you. Most interns are on their toes quite a bit whether it be organizing the sample closet or fetching coffee. (Yes,I know it’s annoying, but sometimes it comes with the job.) The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while you’re working hard.

 2. Don’t over accessorize

Statement_Necklace.jpgAs far as accessories go, less is more. You want to draw attention to your personality and work ethic. Too many accessories can distract from that. My “go-to” is always a statement necklace. I usually like to keep the rest of my jewelry pretty tame so that the uniqueness of the necklace speaks for itself and adds a little sparkle to any outfit.

3. Remain professional

Always remember that you are in a work environment. Something you might wear out on a Saturday night with friends might not be the right choice for the office. Modest hemlines and looser fitting silhouettes are safest. Rule of thumb, if you have to question whether it’s appropriate to wear to work, it probably isn’t.Suits.jpg

4. Ask around

Every workplace has a different office culture. Some places are more laid back and casual, while others require you to be more formal. Once you start working you’ll get a better feel for what the everyday wardrobe is. Sometimes people will dress up for important meetings. Ask your fellow co-workers or your supervisor about the dress-code prior to your first day. It’ll help you avoid being over or underdressed.


 5smiley.jpg. Smile!

Go in with a positive attitude and be ready to make the best impression possible. After all, it could lead to your dream job!

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