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My Favorite Class of the Semester - Statistics

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I am sure everyone has a class they like more than any other class in their schedule, and for me last semester that class was Statistics with Professor Nonoyama.

I have never been good at math and I have a feeling I never will be. Math has always been a struggle. I actually took Statistics when I was in high school and I fell in love with it because the ratio of calculation is much lower than in other math classes. It’s more about logic.

I was quite excited to take Statistics at LIM College, even though I thought I forgot most of the material I learned in high school. Professor Nonoyama made Statistics very understandable and she has a very witty personality, which is another reason I loved this class.

Statistics will actually be useful when we are interning and at work in the fashion business. I have heard many friends say they have used knowledge from their Statistics class when they are in the workplace. So please take my word for it when I say that taking a Statistics class with Professor Nonoyama will for sure make your semester much more lively and happy.



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