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Direct Marketing: Making Connections

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Having an internship often gives us the opportunity to be able to understand the material we learned in class better, especially when we see it used in real-life business situations.

One of the electives I took in the spring semester was Direct Marketing. Each week we learned about different formats and strategies used in direct marketing, such as social media, email and search engine optimization.

These terms and marketing methods came up often during my internship. It was quite interesting to hear people talk about Instagram and Twitter in such a serious business way in the office, while most of the time they are just another social media app we fashion students use to connect with friends, pass time, or even procrastinate (to be honest).

Social media is such a prominent marketing tool in today’s business world. As students, we definitely have a slight advantage in this area, as we’ve grown up in the social media bubble.

The Direct Marketing class I took at LIM College definitely showed me there are endless ways to do marketing, and I am glad I can make real-life connections to them as well.

Until next time…Xoxo Aaron

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