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Looking Back on Spring 2013 at LIM College

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Hey everyone!

Another semester has gone by, and this was the busiest one so far, with 19 credits worth of classes, hours of interning, and weekend after weekend staying at home doing projects and writing papers. Of course, the ever-lasting cold and gloomy weather definitely didn't help. However, I don't remember ever feeling this productive, so I guess it is good that I am always doing things instead of lying around on my couch, even though I would love that every now and then.

View from my couch

Classes this semester went surprisingly well, but I put quite a lot of work into them. I did schedule a few online classes so I could have more free time for myself, but the homework I did for these put me in work mode quite often. I actually like the online classes at LIM College quite a lot. They give you a lot more freedom, but definitely require some time management skills and self-control. I've already planned to take a couple of online classes again next semester, so wish me luck!

DVF showroom

My internship at DVF took up a lot of my time. I usually went in two days a week and I definitely learned a lot about the fashion public relations field. I experienced many different aspects of fashion PR at this internship and learned some very valuable lessons. I found out that I like working in this field and I realize this could possibly be a career for me in the future. Internships are all about having new experiences and figuring out what role you want to play in this industry. This will benefit us so much in the future.

It has been such a crazy journey this semester. I can't wait to see what's in store for my junior year! But before that, I am going to have a blast this summer. I will let you all know about the details the next time I write.

Until next time…Xoxo


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