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Dressing for the Four Seasons in NYC

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If you are the type of person who enjoys every season and likes to feel extreme temperatures, New York is the place to be.  When I first arrived it was summer, and not an average one. IT WAS HOT!  However, there’s so much to do during the summer that it should really last longer than it does. In New York City and the surrounding areas, summer means FUN!

Fall is the most beautiful and picturesque season. Do you know the movie “Autumn in New York”? The one with Richard Gere? It totally reflects how this season feels – romantic, breathtaking and definitely chilly.  It is the time of the year that you feel fancy and can put on your best outfits and take the best Facebook profile pictures.

Winter can be a little rough. Coming from Brazil, where our winter doesn’t usually go below 50F (10C), was sort of a challenge at first. I don’t think I ever got used to it, but nowadays I just get over it and survive with TONS of layers.

Winter treeAs spring arrives, we start putting away the heavy coats, getting our casual blazers out of our closets and get ready for the next round of fun that is on the way.

As you get ready to move to the Big Apple, bear in mind that less is always more, especially when packing. This is a consumerist nation, and you will buy a lot of stuff once you start living here. However, the basics are necessary. Jeans that fit you well, leggings for both fall and spring (they will become your best friends), a nice heavy winter coat and a bunch of fun scarves that fit all four seasons and can change any wardrobe, even if you wear the same other things every day. Don’t worry about summer, all you actually need are flip-flops and a bikini!

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