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New York City – If You’re Passionate About Fashion

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As glamorous as my hometown of Sao Paulo was, I always had a feeling that living there was not what I truly wanted. My strong personality always felt like it needed freedom and adventure. With these desires in mind, I knew America would be the perfect place to go. 

I am very passionate about fashion, so I thought, what about New York City? There could not be a better place for me to chase my dreams!

The path wasn’t easy though. Years ago when I decided to come to this country, Brazil had the reputation of being a nation where people would come to America just to make money. But I was able to get a visa and came to learn the language of my dreams -- English. I cannot forget all of those American movies I saw! They highlighted the life I wanted. The thought of being able to communicate with people from all over the world using English felt so powerful.

I have always created priorities in my life.

  1. Speak English fluently. CHECK!
  2. Be accepted into an American College. CHECK!

I knew exactly what I wanted out of college - a place where I would have the opportunity to learn about and experience the fashion industry. LIM College fits that perfectly. The classes, the professors, the fashion internships and the volunteer opportunities got my attention immediately.

Once I started attending LIM College, I was amazed by how much I felt at home. All I wanted was to be part of a tight-knit community and not a part of a large college crowd.  This college cares about my future and helps me to reach my goals every step of the way, which is why LIM College won me over from the beginning.

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