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Summer as an LIM College International Student

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OH, SUMMER! I spend the whole year just thinking about it. Sometimes I even get mad at myself for leaving the warmth of my home country of Brazil to freeze in New York City. OK, I know that the glamour of living and studying the fashion business here in New York and enjoying every part of it kind of balances it out, but I still love the summer season. I love the fact we can stay outside until late at night and it’s still light out. I love the trips to the beach and endless barbecues with friends.

This summer I am doing something different. I am going on a trip that I am really excited about.  I will be going to Italy with a family I am friends with. They have family on the coast there and we will enjoy some down time at the Italian beaches – fancy, right?  I can already imagine the beauty of the places I will visit and the amazing food I will enjoy.

italy beach

The best part though is that I will take advantage of being in Europe and I will visit a really close and dear friend I met here in America many years ago who now lives in England. I cannot wait to see her! A fun part of being an international student studying fashion and living in New York is that there are so many immigrants here that you end up knowing people from all over the world and you always have a reason to visit different places.

The rest of the summer I will just relax and enjoy a few weeks in the Hamptons, followed by trips to Montauk (my personal paradise and peaceful heaven). I just hope that the weather will be really nice to us New Yorkers because we have been through too many snow days and we deserve a lot of sunshine.

hamptons montauk


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