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One Fashion Student’s Favorite New York City Restaurants

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As we all know, NYC has millions of restaurants and they are the best in the world. Some of my favorites are:

Shake Shack

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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a large and delicious burger? This is the best place to have it. They are not only organic, but they taste awesome, and Shake Shack also has vegan options as well.  It’s also a very affordable place, however, you need to be ready to stand in line for a little bit – they have a very popular burger!


Whenever I want to have a sit-down Japanese dinner, I run to Haru. They have the best sushi, great atmosphere and delicious dumplings. Don’t leave without trying the shrimp and mushroom shumai! SO GOOD!

Hale & Hearty

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While studying fashion in New York City, I am always on the go, so instead of going for unhealthy food, I stop at this amazing salad and soup place. They make it fast and very personalized – you chose your toppings, what kind of the greens, and dressing. It not only tastes delicious, but you won’t spend more than $10! Definitely a win-win!


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When I am missing Brazilian food, I usually invite some of my friend to go have a feast here. They have amazing appetizers that totally bring the Brazilian essence, the main dishes are to die for, and the desserts – well, I can’t begin to describe them. It makes feel like I have never left my home country.


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