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16 Credits – One Fashion Career

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This semester I made a big decision and decided to take 16 credits. Wow, what a workload. However, I am really happy to have done it. I am not only taking classes I need to graduate with a degree, but I’m also learning about many different aspects of the business world.

In Finance we are playing a game that involves a simulation of buying and selling stocks and analyzing how well, or badly, they do in the market. It has been fun so far to see my stocks go up, though not so fun when they all go down!

I’m also getting prepared for my corporate fashion internship by taking the Career Pathing seminar class. It covers interesting topics and many involve experiential education activities. Besides those classes, I’m also taking Junior Writing and Ethics – two classes that so far make me feel like I already wrote a whole book. So many essays! But I do know that my writing skills have improved tremendously, which is extremely important if you’re attending a fashion college and planning to pursue a career in the industry – or any other industry for that matter.

My other two classes are Professional Communications, which is very career-oriented in terms of professional emails and presentations, and Design Studio, where I have a lot of fun exploring my creativity.

All of these classes bring something unique to my career plans. Being able to communicate properly, write at a professional level, and think outside of the box are all skills employers in the fields of Fashion Merchandising and Visual Merchandising seek, and I am so glad that as a fashion college in NYC, LIM College offers these opportunities to its students.

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