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Learning from a True Professional

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I have had so many interesting professors while studying for a fashion business degree at LIM College. Every single one has their own style and special characteristics. They have also each had their own impact on my academic and professional progress.

Katerina Lanfranco is my Design Studio professor, and even though I was a little reluctant to take this class because drawing isn’t one of my strengths, she made it seem possible. She has also challenged my abilities, and as a result, I have accomplished some great things – including my first free-hand drawing! It even has shading and everything.

LIM College - Drawing

She is much more than just a good teacher, she is also a very talented and popular working artist. She has taught at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and done some pretty amazing group and solo art shows around New York City.

Professor Lanfranco teaches in a very simple way. She understands that everyone has different ways to approach creativity. She also helps each of us to explore the visual side of art that brings us to visual merchandising and the concepts behind it.

LIM College - Professor Lanfranco

Prof. Lanfranco is just one of the great professionals who teach at LIM College. I am glad that their knowledge is related to real-world situations -- those experiences help prepare us for very promising futures.

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