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Living at 1760 Third Ave.

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I am one of three students from Washington State who go to LIM College. I knew going into this that I would be one of a very small number of students that are coming from so far away. This is completely fine with me. I chose this college because it was the only one that had exactly what I wanted to study, it had so many opportunities for internships, and was right in the middle of the industry here in New York City; I was ok with the distance. Knowing this, though, I was pretty worried about where I was going to live considering none of my immediate family lives anywhere close to me. When I came to the Open House my junior year of high school the new residence hall still wasn’t finished. This meant that if I was accepted to the school I wouldn’t be able to see the residence hall until I moved in. This was hard for me to deal with because I am one of those people who likes to plan everything out six months in advance. I’m a perfectionist, to say the least.

My family and I decided that the residence hall was the best option for me considering the circumstances, so on August 11 I moved into my new home at 1760 Third Avenue.  Six large suitcases and some shipped boxes later I was all moved in. I am so glad I made the choice to live in the hall. It was much more than I expected when I moved in. The rooms are bigger than most college dorm rooms, we all have private bathrooms (which are good when you are all fashion students), there are three full-size community kitchens for six floors, the laundry facility is HUGE, and the residence hall is right next to the main subway line connecting us to our four LIM College buildings. My suggestion is that if you decide to go to LIM College, whether you live in Jersey or all the way across the country like me, live in the dorms for at least the first year. It is an awesome experience to live with a lot of other people in your school and you really become acquainted with the city in a short amount of time.

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