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Dr. Jacqueline LeBlanc: A Fashion Scholar's Biggest Supporter

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Since starting at LIM College, I have had many very positive experiences with all of my professors. Although I liked all of my professors and would recommend them to anyone that asked, I have worked most closely with my academic advisor Dr. Jacqueline LeBlanc, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Because I am in the Fashion Scholars program, Dr. LeBlanc was the person that interviewed me and walked me through the application process. Since I was selected for the program she has been the one to help me decide which classes I need and how to schedule them, and she also is there for all of us Fashion Scholars whenever we have a concern or need. She is also our contact for things going on within LIM College that the Fashion Scholars are invited to and she is always there for us when we need to talk.

Because I took college classes while I was in high school I thought I'd be able to graduate from LIM a semester early. But because I went and talked to Dr. LeBlanc and figured it all out, I am now going to go to summer school and will be able to graduate an entire year early.

Having someone to go to with questions and issues is so important when you are getting used to college life, because, at least for me, I had so many questions. College is a whole different world than high school and you really need a staff or faculty member to help guide you.

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