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Buckler's New York Fashion Week Fashion Show

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Ok, so I know that Fall/Winter Fashion Week was a few weeks ago, but I never got a chance to write about the show that I worked, so now I’m going to!

This February I got to work for Buckler for the third Fashion Week in a row, and in my opinion this show was the best I’ve seen. Buckler is all about the “bad boy” look that every guy wants to wear, but not all guys can pull off. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images Buckler Fall 2011 resized 600
I prefer fall fashion much more than spring fashion because it includes all of my favorite subdued colors and all of my favorite silhouettes. Buckler’s show was different than any other I’d ever seen. This season, Andrew and his team decided to have their show in Buckler’s Grand Street store. This store is bigger than the Gansevoort flagship store and was a much more central location for attendees to travel to.

Buckler always does a presentation for their show, to allow show attendees to see every item of the collection and stay and hang out for more than 15 minutes. The thing that set this presentation apart though, was how the beginning of the presentation started. The start of the show had the models march into the block in front of the store, where there were road blocks completely shutting down that whole section of city street for almost 15 minutes. Although that may not seem like such a huge feat, in New York City it is near impossible to do unless you’re filming a show or movie. The models walked out the door of the store, walked to one end of the block, walked to the other end of the block, and then walked back through the door and took their place for the presentation.

The best part of the show was the amount of consumers that it attracted and the reaction that they had. This was the perfect way to showcase the collection to the people who are actually going to buy it. In my opinion this was the best way for Buckler to put on a show and actually see results from it. I am excited to see what they do in the fall.

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