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Prepared for Anything

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For possibly the first time since I started blogging this semester, I actually have exciting things to write about! First off, I had an awesome week at my internship. Every season at Greg Norman Collection, three fashion groups are designed and produced along with their season-less essential items. The fashion groups always have inspiration names and corresponding pictures that are used in the catalogs and look-books. Usually the inspiration names are related to the colors of the fashion group and are decided on before the clothes are designed and produced. However, for the upcoming Spring 2011 season, all of the fashion groups were designed, but no inspiration names were picked out.
Somehow, the responsibility to come up with the inspiration names landed on my desk. As a marketing intern, I had no idea what to do (this was a task totally meant for a design intern), but I just spent a lot of time on Google and went with my instincts. All in all, I came up with a mini-presentation of inspiration names and images and pitched them to everyone at the company…and they loved it! My names and images were picked and are being used for the Spring 2011 season. The lesson I learned from this situation is that in business, you need to be prepared for anything, even if the task that you need to accomplish is completely foreign to you.

Also, I actually have exciting fun activities to do this week! As a Jersey girl, I was pretty much born with a love for Bon Jovi, so it is appropriate that I am finally seeing them in concert this week. Also on the agenda is a day filled with eating frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in the city and then gleeking out at the Glee concert at night! Hopefully, I will have many more exciting weeks this summer!  

Hope you enjoy your summer!

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