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The Fashion College Student's Exploding Blackberry

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Wow, has this week been really busy! I was so busy that I thought my BlackBerry was going to explode from having too many reminders, texts, and emails. This week marked the beginning of midterms, which are always really fun (note the sarcasm). I’m thankful that I am only taking 12 credits this semester, so I was able to make it through midterms without being totally crazed. But this midterm season reminded me that I am a quarter of a way through my senior year, which is kind of crazy. Where did all the time go? staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images blackberry resized 600
Not only did I have to study for midterms, but I had to go to work to help out with the showroom opening party that we had on Monday. I didn’t mind helping with the party since I love interning at Greg Norman Collection. It was a hectic day since we had to rush and run around to get everything ready, but it was totally worth it because the party was a huge success. Also, I met the actual Greg Norman as he was a guest at the party (obviously since it is his company!). It was kind of strange meeting the man whose name and picture is all over the office, but it was really exciting.

I also went on an informational interview this week. For my Co-op Prep class, one of the assignments is to meet with someone who works in the field we would like to enter upon graduation. Therefore, I met with the marketing manager of Staffing By Hall, which is a fashion recruitment firm. It was a great interview because I was able to get advice and tips from someone working in the industry. It was also a great chance to network since the company helps match job seekers with jobs in the fashion industry.

I’m really glad that this upcoming week looks pretty boring as of now. My BlackBerry and I need to rest and catch up on homework!

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