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Looking Back on What I've Learned at LIM College

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I never really thought that this time would come…the time when I would take my last finals EVER! Even though I’m not completely done with my senior year at LIM College, as I was completing my finals I was reminded that graduation is right around the corner. Yet instead of being excited, I am completely freaked out. I’m totally afraid of not knowing what is going to happen once I exit the comfortable halls of LIM College.

So since this is the first weekend where I didn’t have homework or projects to do, I decided to reflect a little on my college experience thus far. Obviously, I have gained knowledge about the business and fashion world…that’s a given. But I think that through my classes, work experience, and personal experience, I have learned much more valuable knowledge about life in general.

I think that the most important thing I have learned throughout the years at LIM College is that having a positive attitude in any situation is essential. For example, having had several internships in different areas of the industry, I have learned that sometimes (or maybe a lot of times) I am going to have to do things that I really don’t want to do. I may have to stay late, or work on a big project by myself, or finish something by a seemingly impossible deadline. 

In the past, my first inclination would have been to complain and whine my way through it…but throughout my college experience, I have learned that having a positive attitude will make getting through any task a lot easier.

The second most important thing I have learned throughout the years at LIM College is that it is also essential to have confidence. The fashion industry is really competitive and without confidence, you will most definitely fail. A true sense of complete confidence will help you tackle new challenges without having a fear of failing. 

For example, I used to be not very confident about my skills and it reflected in my work. But as I had the chance to compete for scholarships and have different internship opportunities, I got more confident in what I can do. Therefore, I now am able to walk into any situation and be confident that I will succeed.

Anyway, so this is my last blog entry for a while…I need to enjoy the winter break before I sign my life away when Senior Co-op starts!

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