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My Top 5 Tips for Students Thinking About Coming to LIM College

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1. Come visit! Contact the Admissions Office to set up an appointment to visit our campus. Once you experience the college first-hand, you will instantly want to attend. I know that when I visited the buildings in midtown Manhattan for the first time, I was sold.

2. Get acquainted with students and alumni! Like the LIM College Facebook page for updates from students, alumni and prospective students. It can be a great way to find friends with common interests before you even arrive at our school, or even a way to find a roommate.

3. Look carefully at our website! It has a great deal of very vital and useful information, as it should. Don’t forget to take the time to scroll through all of the course descriptions, the student blogs, the videos and articles.

4. Look into our majors, the course schedules and their descriptions. Being aware of the courses that you want to take and that are available to you can really make your time here much more enjoyable. Take the time to go through each major in depth (Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, & Management if you’re an undergraduate) and as soon as you start classes here, meet with an advisor to get down to what you truly want to focus on as soon as possible. This will make the rest of the process and your years studying fashion and business here at LIM that much more efficient and successful!

5. Sign up for New Student Orientation. It’s full of exciting New York City events and sessions that will introduce you to the city, our school and your fellow fashion students. It is a great way to get a sneak peak as to what it will be like here before your very first week.

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