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What Is It Like to Intern in Fashion?

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merchandise displayI won't sugar-coat it for you, being a fashion intern can definitely be stressful. You're running around, you're replenishing merchandise, helping customers, closing the store and taking orders from others.

It's important to know that your boss is in charge. If he or she expects you to do something, do it, and do it better than expected. I always try to go above and beyond expectations when I'm interning. It leaves a great impression, and at the end of the day, after college, you might decide to take a job there or try for one at their corporate office. The fashion industry is small. Everyone knows each other. Although it may be tough and very competitive, you need to have a strong backbone and know that you will survive.

That said, it's also an AMAZING experience that you will never forget. In my retail internship freshman year I learned how to work as a team player, sell merchandise, display merchandise so that it's visually appealing, replenish merchandise, and -- funny enough -- I ended up making lifetime friends. We were all like a big family working towards one goal.

You're around merchandise all day long. Some companies even let their employees wear their merchandise, to display it. Wearing Bendel's jewelry while selling it was so much fun! We also had a brilliant headband selection, and in the winter, chunky scarves. There was never a dull day. Especially around the holiday season!

My corporate fashion internship was much more hands-on. I needed to learn everything on my own. I handled the social media division where I was mainly in charge of putting styles together and handling their Pinterest page, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. There were also days where I had to make 160+ gift bags from scratch, sitting on the floor. But that's life. You need to climb the ladder to make it to the top, and if you're determined enough to keep on climbing, you will.

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