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Getting an Internship in Fashion – Part I

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As LIM College students we are lucky to have a class that prepares us for our first college internship. We learn how to write a resume, cover letter and thank you letter, as well as what to wear and what not to wear to an interview.

Finding an internship can be really difficult or relatively easy, but the process is always quite nerve-racking, especially when you know that you have a deadline.

The best thing you can do is believe in yourself and your capabilities. If you don't believe you're capable of getting an internship, then why should anyone else? Sometimes the biggest success comes from failing, so if you happen to do terribly on an interview, just learn from your mistakes and move on.mercedes 060313

I remember my first interview. It was with a manager from Henri Bendel and set up through pure luck. Long story short, all of the interview slots filled within minutes.  Somehow, a fellow student canceled and our instructor sent out an email to see if anyone was interested in interviewing.

I was beyond nervous to not only go on my first official interview, but to have that interview with a manager from Henri Bendel. It took my anxiety to an entirely new level. I was interviewing with such a famous company. Before I went to the interview I read through my resume and labeled key points I excelled at in my previous jobs. I also thoroughly researched the company and typed notes as to why I should be hired over other candidates.

When it was finally time to go into my interview  I was so nervous that even my interviewer (who ended up being my future boss!) told me to take a deep breath and calm down (embarrassing, much?). I was positive that I didn't get the job, and walked out absolutely mortified. But within two days I got a phone call that they wanted to have a second interview with me. I was ecstatic and determined to get the job.

After my second interview it took about four days until I got offered the brilliant internship. I was thrilled to take it and after training, reading through guidebooks and filling out lots of paper work, it was time to officially start. Even though I felt pessimistic that such a high-end company would hire somebody without any retail experience, my manager said that she saw I had the qualities to succeed with their company, and she was right. I was even lucky enough to get offered a job after my internship hours were complete.

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