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My Best Kept Beauty Secret: Free bumble and bumble

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describe the imageReader advisory, the author photo with this post was taken before I became bumblefied. Updated picture coming soon.

I’ve always joked that I have a penniless hairstyle. Before this week, the last time my hair was cut and colored was July 2009. As a student in this expensive city, I never thought it possible to find a decent hair cut or color that I could actually afford. I never guessed that a top notch hairdo could be achieved for $0.00 (not including a much-deserved, generous tip).

Needless to say, I had raggedy ends and ombre roots, although the great length of my hair did come in handy when asked to pose as a model for the hair test for a fashion show produced by the boutique PR firm where I intern. There I met my hair goddesses and learned of the legend that is the Bumble and Bumble Apprenticeship program. I now have luscious full locks with true low maintenance sun-kissed color.

Here’s how it works. There is no contact number. Apprentices are in charge of recruiting their own hair models. Monday morning at 10 A.M. sharp, arrive with your hair disasters at  the Bumble and Bumble uptown location at 146 E 56th St. Appointments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will consult with an apprentice and discuss your desires for your locks. The more flexible you are the better. For cut and color, book your cut appointment first so that the shape of your hair will already be altered, making it easier to apply color with the Bumble and Bumble “painting” technique in which hair is literally painted with the desired accent colors to mimic the way the sun would naturally color the hair, creating an all natural sun-bathed appearance.

Apprentices at Bumble and Bumble are all licensed hair dressers studying the Bumble and Bumble cutting and color techniques in order to become Bumble and Bumble stylists. “Senior” stylists like the gals who made me over, Britney and Roxy, have more flexibility regarding the cuts and colors they can do. Newer apprentices have particular cuts and color corrections that they need to do. Don’t fret, you will get an appointment; it just may not be for that same day. 

All salon services provided by the apprentices are done on Monday only starting at 10 A.M. The apprentices treat your hair like a piece of art. They do an excellent job because they are trying to excel and surpass the competition. Therefore, there is no such thing as a hair catastrophe, because the apprentices will not let you leave until you are happy with your new shag.  Each service comes with a complimentary deep conditioning treatment that your apprentice will apply.

Happy hair makeovers! Also for those LIM College students who are interested in fashion styling or event planning, this is a great networking opportunity. Creating contacts with the apprentices can lead to an exchange of services in the future for test shoots, events and fashion shows. A good LIM College student always networks.

-- Lola Mendez

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