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A New Start at a New Place

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by Christina Silva

Silva_Christina.jpgNo one ever wants to have regrets. Especially ones that take you clear across the country and put you into unfamiliar territory. Being a true “Cali girl"—someone who loves the ocean and warm weather tremendously—making the decision to move to NYC in the dead of winter was not ideal. Yet, I must say I’m really glad I took the chance because it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I discovered LIM College during my search for schools with programs that would take the credits that I had gained while attending school at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. I had already graduated from FIDM with an A.A. in Merchandise Marketing and decided to push on for my bachelor’s degree. I came upon this decision in the midst of a terrible “real-world” working experience. It was then that I realized I needed to go to a school with a structured internship program.

Snowy_steps.jpgSo, I went on the hunt for a new place to begin a new start at. Luckily, I found LIM and the summer I came to NYC to visit my great-grandmother was also the same time I took an impromptu tour of the school and the dorms after meeting with Admissions. I absolutely loved everything I saw and everything that I was able to experience, especially since the day I visited LIM was a day where students were dashing about to get to their summer classes.

For the past two years, I have met and made new friends at LIM in addition to participating in internships that have furthered my education. I have discovered amazing places to eat and shop at as well as admired all the beauty NYC has to offer to a non-New York native (even in the dead of winter).

For those of you deciding on becoming a transfer student at LIM, I would like to note that it is very different from being a student who started as a freshman.

Delta.jpgTransfer students deal with the difficulty of coming into a new environment and having to haphazardly take a mix of classes from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year curriculums. Have no fear though, the road may be tough, but you’ll make it through and make many new memories along the way.  

Although it’s bittersweet, I’m glad to say that I have successfully reached my last semester here at LIM. I came to this school with goals in mind and have achieved all of them (including getting inducted into the DMD International Honor Society). I have no regrets with my decision and I know you won’t have any either!

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