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Getting More Responsibility at Work

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This week went by like a whirlwind! My supervisor had been selected for jury duty and is now out of the office after 1:30pm for a whole month. All her emails are directed to me. I’m grateful the department is giving me more responsibility as I hoped, and it’s quite satisfying being able to fulfill all my given tasks. While it’s thrilling and exciting to have this new responsibility, at occasional points during the week it has been pretty stressful, especially with so many important deadlines and urgent requests due around the same time.

The cubicle the other intern and I once shared has been taken down in order to make a conference room larger. We now work on a desk together that has much less space, so it took some time to adjust and learn how to work around each other.

Last week, the other intern and I spoke with the PR manager to see if we could sit in on future meetings to observe and learn more about the inner workings of the department and company. This week, we had that opportunity. We attended the Town Hall meeting, which concerns broad issues that affect the whole business and the standing of the company. The meeting was led by our new Brand President (the former Executive Vice President) so it was nice to be able to sit through that meeting: it was an introductory meeting for all of us. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents lola.rephann My Documents website images blogs A Ong anntaylor3

-- Audrey Ong


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