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by Carly Cimino

Networking.jpgIf you are reading this then you have likely selected LIM College based on your love of fashion. We all love fashion and expressing ourselves through the way we dress, and LIM allows us to do that freely. While our self-expression is important, one of the major perks of attending a fashion school in New York City is the amount of connections to the industry all around us. LIM can offer us the opportunities but it is our job to seize them!

When I started my freshman year, I had no resume or idea how to professionally conduct myself. In one short year, LIM has given so many wonderful tools. I have gained the confidence to reach out to industry professionals, and seek out opportunities I would pursued if I had not attended such a career-oriented school!

Within the past year, I have successfully secured jobs and internships that have helped guide on the right path towards my ultimate career goals. Networking can seem a little intimidating at first, but it is an essential part of getting your foot in the door.

I have a few simple tips for staying confident, motivated, and open-minded while networking.

  1. Define your strengths. In order to appeal to possible employers, you must discover what sets you apart from your competition. If you are great at managing your time, make a point to discuss that. If you are a strong leader and can motivate a team, mention your past experiences doing so during your interview. Everybody has a unique characteristic that can set them apart from competition. Find your strength and let it be known!
  1. Always bring multiple copies of your resume. Whether you have already submitted a previous resume, spoken to your potential employer about your past experiences in the field or your dog ate it, you need a back-up resume. You never know who you might encounter so bring more than one extra copy. Besides, most employers have so many candidates that they will not specifically remember your specific credentials. Even if you have stayed up all night preparing for the interview, most employers will assume you are unprepared if you show up without a hard-copy of your resume.
  1. Utilize the tools LIM has given you! LIM offers multiple networking opportunities for their students. We have jobs fairs two times a year, guest speakers, and Symplicity right at our fingertips. Jobs and internships will not magically appear in front of you. If you put the effort out, you will absolutely receive opportunities in return. You might not get your dream internship or job right away, but keep applying and putting yourself out there!

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