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The Met Gala 2015

posted by Edel Singh


The Met Gala is an evening when everybody who’s somebody in terms of fashion and glamour is invited to preview the main collection at the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Last year, I was privileged enough to accidentally get stuck in the madness after getting out of class at LIM, but this year, things didn’t go my way.

The exhibition for 2015 is “China: Through the Looking Glass,” and some people take the theme into consideration. There are those who take it literally, while others simply don’t bother.

Rihanna_Met_2015_150The interesting thing about this evening is to see how dressed up people actually get. Some wear gowns that take up the whole carpet (Rihanna at left), while others show up in pants (Cara Delevingne). It also saddens me  that “the naked dress” is an actual trend. It’s basically the signature looks of stars like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, who are some of the most followed women in the world.

In terms of trends on the red carpet, we could see a lot of red, black and metallics, especially gold. It was fun to see how some took the Chinese theme and made it their own (all hail Sarah Jessica Parker! right). So let’s pretend that Beyoncé and Rihanna didn’t own the evening, and let’s take a look at what people wore. I’ve divided the people into my top 5’s in three categories: Chinese Themed, Cinderella and Punk Was Big Two Years Ago. 

SJP_150Chinese Themed
These looks are unique, elegant and weird at the same time. They take the theme into consideration, and make it their own. Though I don’t LOVE all these looks, I appreciate the fact that there has been an effort made.


The Cinderalla look makes the person appear if they are going to an actual ball, regardless of the theme. These are the princesses of the evening, and Kerry Washington (below) does look exquisite. I can’t help but wonder just how many people have to accompany these gorgeous women to the restroom.

 Punk Was Big Two Years Ago

Now these are the looks that made my scratch my head. Dree Hemingway (right) looks pretty good, but I wonder what these dresses are doing on the red carpet. I’m sure we all remember that the Punk theme was two years ago—did these people come in even later than Beyoncé?

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