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The Years I'll Never Forget

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by Breanna Fleming

GradAt most universities and colleges, senior year is filled with anxiety, senioritis, and last minute adventures with friends that you’re not sure you’re going to see again.

Here at LIM senior year is still filled with all of those feelings, but for half of the year you’re interning full-time. Talk about reality. 

Of course the other half of the year you’re taking more classes and are stressed trying to find an internship in time. This is the year that we’ve all been waiting for, and as it comes to an end we just inch closer to our true reality, adulthood.

For me, senior year has flown by. I still feel like I just moved to New York even though it was four years ago, and now I’ll be walking across that stage to get my diploma that I worked so hard for.

This was also the year that I was able to really see how much I could handle all at once. As an LIM student you basically learn how to multi-task. This year I was a Resident Advisor, a full-time buying intern at Rebecca Taylor, and still a full time student. 

My schedule consisted of going to my internship Monday-Thursday from 9 am-5 pm, coming home to work in the Housing office and have meetings with staff and residents. Then on Fridays having classes for a total of five hours. 

All throughout this time I still managed to have a social life and spend time with my friends. I will definitely say that senior year was more difficult for me even though my course load wasn’t as strenuous as previous years. Although I did feel stressed at times, I didn’t let that emotion take control of me.

Even though my senior year at LIM kept me busy, I think I managed to have the most fun this year. I was able to manage my time very well and attend different events that the school was hosting, as well as exploring the city more than I ever have. I figured since I wouldn’t be a college student much longer I had to live it up! 

I also was able to network a lot more this year, not only with employers but with faculty. That is one aspect about LIM that I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of. The faculty are really here to help you, and your senior year is definitely the year you find out how much they care. I have gotten countless emails from previous professors about job searching advice and even some job leads! 

As my years at LIM come to an end I feel proud and prepared to go out into the “real world.”  I’ve experienced so much here, and have seen how I’m able to work with a diverse group of people. I have truly learned more about myself than I ever have before, and I’ve found friends to last me a lifetime. I don’t think I would have been able to get to this point without them, and of course not without my parents and family who have supported me through everything. 

I know that I am a strong contender going out into the fashion industry. This may be my end at LIM but I will never forget the impact the college has had on me.

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