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Transferring to LIM College

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by Nicole Linares


Transferring schools can be a very stressful process. You have to make sure the school is the right fit for you, make sure your credits transfer through (definitely a huge issue), and most importantly making sure you can afford it (an even bigger issue).

Trust me I have been there and thankfully the transferring process was very simple. I transferred from a community college in New Jersey and almost all of my credits transferred through! I would definitely recommend talking to your guidance counselor to help you with your credits.

Now remember, all colleges are different so you will have to prepare yourself for a new transition. My first semester was a huge wake-up call! The way the professors teach, the amount of work and information you receive, it can be very overwhelming.

It’s a whole new experience and we all have to go through it, but once you get through the first semester you will feel a lot more confident! Some advice I would give is have a lot of coffee, time your work wisely, have a great support system (it always nice to have someone to vent to), and lastly BREATHE!

So why LIM College? Personally when I first came to visit the school I instantly felt like I belonged here. I loved the school ever since that visit. I had a gut feeling that I would get into LIM and that it would help me in my future career. I was so certain that I would get in, I didn’t apply anywhere else! LIM is definitely not like any other college...It's better!

Ever since I became a student I saw a lot of benefits for myself. In terms of future careers, LIM makes sure you are prepared for the workforce, and you learn so much from the professors who are directly involved in the fashion industry.

LIM has a long history and has contacts with so many companies, and a lot of those companies want LIM students to work for them because we are that prepared! My personal experience here after one semester was amazing! I've met a lot of new people and learned a lot about myself.

I used to be not really very good when it came to school. I got a lot of Cs, and had horrible time management. Last semester I learned how to manage my time better, and made the Dean’s List for the first time ever!

At LIM you definitely realize how determine you really are. Believe in yourself, you got this!

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