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International Students Meeting

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A few months ago, I was invited to an International Students’ meeting at which LIM College’s administrators and faculty sought comments from us and wanted to discuss our experiences here.

When I first started here at LIM few years back it wasn’t easy to spot an international student. Most students are Americans. Now, there are more international students from a variety of nations and I met many of them at the meeting.

As one of the students who has been studying at LIM, and in the United States, for a longer time, it was such a good experience being at the meeting. We all got to share the advantages of, as well as our struggles with, being an international student -- such as the application process for internships, student life, or apartment rental issues.

Since the city of New York is our campus, the chances of us bumping into each other are low unless we have class together. This meeting was such a great opportunity for all of us to get together and help each other out. I never met that many International Students at once here at LIM until I went to that meeting.

city streets

We have made some great progress in letting the school understand the experience from our standpoint and hopefully we can make the lives of international students at LIM in the future better and easier – and that could mean you!

Until next time…Xoxo Aaron

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