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It's a Small (Business) World After All

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My favorite class that I have taken thus far at LIM College is probably Global Retailing with Professor Morrison. This is probably an unusual course to choose as a Visual Merchandising major, but personally, I think I learned more in this class than I probably have in most of my other business classes. The course content was mainly conveyed through classroom discussions, with minimal written work involved. This just goes to show that copious amounts of essays, case studies and group projects are not necessarily the ultimate way to learn about a subject. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images global cuisine resized 600

Professor Morrison’s style of teaching was thoroughly engaging and made for an enriching learning environment. As a well-traveled businessman, he gave us tidbits of information he learned through personal experience about the way in which other cultures perform business.

Furthermore, one of the highlights of taking that class was having Professor Paula Wang come in and give a guest lecture about China and how it has become such a successful and integral country in the world of business today. She really helped me come to grips with a country that had fascinated me for a while, and this opportunity allowed me to ask questions on issues that had puzzled me for some while. After listening to her lecture, I immediately wanted to take a class in Mandarin and get ahead of the game! One of the great things about LIM College is that all of the professors here have real world experience in the fashion industry. public Shared Administrative Documents LIM Photos Study Abroad 2011 China Trip China Trip  19 resized 600

Additionally, I found it a rewarding experience to be able to not only give insightful information to my other classmates and my professor about how Europeans, and especially the British, perform business and how our infrastructure affects that, but also to learn from them about all the elements that affect the way Americans do business.

I felt this class was an important class to take for pursuing a career in an increasingly global world of business, and I completed the course with invaluable knowledge I can take with me to any future career. Professor Morrison’s encouragement of two-way learning was a really enjoyable environment to be in, and it was a class in which I made many firm friends for life.

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