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A Shining Jewel in LIM College's Crown

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One of the shining jewels in LIM College's crown, so to speak, is its professors. In fact, it was this dynamic element of the college that sealed the deal for me when I was exploring my options in 2009. Who better to learn from than those who have been in the industry, or are still very active within the world of fashion? Their insight has not only taught me so much about the fashion industry, specifically visual merchandising, but also opened up my eyes to how certain companies operate.

Macy's Holiday Windows 2011Macy's Holiday Windows 2011

For example, one of my professors, who is teaching my Product Presentation class this semester, is Paul Olszewski, the Director of Windows at Macy's (forgive me Professor if that no longer is your title! I know you have just received a wonderful promotion).

All those wonderful and imaginative window displays we see throughout the holidays, whether it's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade windows, or the Miracle on 34th Street Christmas windows, and even the warmer weather windows for Mother's Day or the Flower Show, our professor conceived and created them.

Photography by Michael Creagh 050813Photography by Michael Creagh

Having someone still very much active in the industry is truly refreshing. At the beginning of each class he will show us what he is currently working on at Macy's, and we then have the opportunity to ask him about his work. Having such an influential person in the industry as a professor is such an invaluable experience and has completely changed the way I work - for the better.

My Fashion Photography professor, Michael Creagh, is also very busy working in addition to teaching us at LIM College. As a class, we have had the opportunity to visit his studio and use his very expensive cameras to help us develop our skills as budding photographers. Like Professor Olszewski, he too shows us his latest shoots, and even asked us for our feedback for a music video that he shot so he could give it to the other producers.

The beauty of our classes here at LIM is that it doesn't feel like the teaching is just one-way. I always get the impression that the professors also gain something from the students as they give us the knowledge we need to succeed in the fashion industry.

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