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The End of the Semester at LIM College

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It has been another busy semester – surprise, surprise - and I am definitely looking forward to the summer to get somewhat of a breather. class notebookThis semester is technically the last semester of classes for me, as I am taking my last class over the summer, and then launching into my Senior Co-op internship in the fall.

I won't lie. I'm greatly looking forward to having less homework and throwing myself more into an internship in the fashion industry. I'd much prefer to work hard at an internship all day, and come back to no homework in the evenings, rather than slaving all day and night, 7 days a week, and being stuck inside doing homework and studying on beautiful days on the weekend.

I feel like I'll also have more time to do extra-curricular things that I have always wanted to do but never have the time to do, like visiting art exhibitions and getting to see my friends more.

This semester has required a lot of group work and group projects, which can be both positive and negative. When you have good groups, it decreases your workload dramatically and makes the work a lot more enjoyable. It is also great to see what you can create with other people's input and what a collaborative effort can produce.

However, some people do not have as strong a work ethic as others, which can make doing group assignments quite problematic. But if we're being positive about everything, at least this gives you an opportunity to learn how to deal with difficult situations within groups, and it strengthens your problem-solving abilities, something that no doubt will be valuable in the workplace.

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