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Wherefore Art Thou, Summer?

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summer vacationWhen most students think of summer, they think of vacation and a break from their studies. We fashion business students at LIM College tend to think the opposite and use this opportunity to get ahead; whether it’s a summer internship in fashion, summer fashion and business classes, or working more hours to help reduce our student debt.

I am going back to the UK for the entire summer, so that I can work and save some money, seeing as I am not eligible to work in the US on my student visa. Some of the things I plan to do over the summer are school- and work- related, and some are not.

locks on fenceIn terms of school, I am taking my last- ever "proper" class online, Ethics, before Senior Co-Op internship in the fall, which is an exciting thought after 6 semesters with no less than 6 classes! The online format also means that I am able to travel (so long as it's to a country that has accessible wifi). So my mother and I have booked a holiday to Malta for a week to stay with a friend of hers. Hurrah! The opportunity to get rid of my ghostly white skin after an eternal winter and get a tan - I am thoroughly excited!

My friends and I are also planning a long weekend in Paris, as I have never been. I know, this is quite shocking to most of my American friends, considering Paris is but a 2 hour train journey away; we British are truly pathetic travelers.

horse poloBut the first thing on the agenda this summer is the Windsor Polo, something I have not been able to do in recent years due to work conflicts, and which should be great fun, so long as the weather holds out and I can get some sleep on my red-eye, as it is the day I land into Heathrow!

It has occurred to me that this is pretty much my last summer as a student studying visual merchandising in New York, therefore my last summer as a free agent. Better make the most of it!

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