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New York City Weather

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New York City weather changes all the time. Summers can be really hot and winters can be freezing. The weather can change dramatically from day to day, and can even change within the same day. It can be freezing in the morning, hot later in the afternoon, and rainy at night. Keep the changing weather in mind when you get dressed every day and always be prepared.

In winter, layers are always a good idea. Boots, jeans, sweaters, and coats are the basics, but there are going to be some days that you will need snow boots, scarf, gloves, and a hat. You’ll notice that in winter most people is wear black - it is really popular. But I always like to wear a pop of color to bring a little life to my outfit, it is just a matter of taste.

jumping in snow

In summer, dresses, shorts and sleeveless blouses are fashion essentials. Try to wear light clothes because it can get really hot sometimes. I think that the best time of the year is during Fall and Spring because it is just warm, it isn’t too cold as it is in Winter or too hot as it is in Summer. It is just perfect.

Summer on boat

As the seasons change, there is always something nice that characterizes each one. In December, New York City becomes a magical place. There are Christmas decorations everywhere and as snow starts to fall it becomes a winter wonderland. During summer you can take advantage of the wonderful weather to explore the city, go sightseeing, or just go for a walk in Central Park.

Rockefeller Center in Winter

No matter what the weather is, there is always something fun to do in New York City.

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