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Preparing for a Fashion Business Career – Internship Seminars

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LIM College focuses solely on the business of fashion. If you want to pursue a career on the business side of the fashion industry and get a good job after you graduate, LIM is the right place for you. The classes you take at LIM really prepare you for your future career. The most useful and helpful classes, and the ones I like the most, are the Internship classes.

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To be able to graduate, you have to complete three internships in the fashion industry, and before each internship, you have to take a seminar. The seminars help you understand what you are going to do in the internship and prepare you for your interviews, as well as the tasks you’ll be doing.

The seminars last a full semester. After you complete one, you do the respective internship the following semester. While you’re doing your internship, you will also attend class. Though it’s not a regular class - it is a hybrid class, which means it is half online and half in person. You meet with your professor and classmates every other week, and the weeks you don’t meet, you have online sessions. The class is to keep track of what you are doing in your internship and make sure you are having a great learning experience.

I loved that we are required to do internships before graduation, because that means we will have work experience. So when we graduate, instead of starting from zero, we might be able to get a better position.

Munoz and Jenkins

This is a picture of my Industry Exploration Internship professor, Ms. La-Dana Jenkins.

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