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What to Bring, What to Buy

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As an international student, all you need to pack when you move to New York City are your clothes. You can buy everything else when you arrive - it is as simple as that.

Dorm shopping should only take one day because you’ll only need to buy basic things, such as bedsheets, cleaning supplies, and some kitchen supplies.

As time goes by, you’ll realize what other things you need and you’ll gradually buy them. It will be different for everyone, depending on your lifestyle, but there are some essential things that we all need. To help you a little, I made this list:

Things to buy

-The first thing on your shopping list should be a mattress pad. I had a “hard” time the first few days of school.

-A shelf is also essential, it makes it easier to store all your cleaning and kitchen supplies.

-Little baskets, bins and containers to store your things, such as school materials and bathroom utensils.

-A desk lamp! It’ll help a lot while doing assignments and studying at night.

Things I bought but didn’t really need

-A steamer. When I do laundry I fold my clothes and that’s it. It’s unnecessary to steam them.

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