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7 Signs You’re Acting Like a “Real” New Yorker

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After living in New York City for a while you’ll start to do these things without even noticing.

  1. You will complain about tourists - and avoiding going to places that are too crowded with them (like Times Square).

  2. You will know the different neighborhoods that make up the City and what type of food, people, and entertainment you can find in each one.

  3. You will know where the major attractions are located and not need to use a map anymore.

  4. You won’t get lost in the subway and will know which track goes uptown or downtown. You’ll learn the stops and the different subway lines.

  5. You will walk in the street with your iPod, not paying attention to what’s going on around you.

  6. You will cross the street before the “walk” light turns on, because you already know it is going to turn on any second.

  7. You won’t have to move while walking on the street to let other people pass, because now other people will be the ones who move.
New York City

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