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Favorite Class This Semester: Merchandise Planning and Control

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When I came to LIM College I really had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a career. After my first two semesters here, I was completely set on the idea of being an event planner in the Seattle area. Although I have decided on this career for myself, I still value all of the classes that I get to take here at LIM College.

It seems like a large number of freshmen come to this school with the idea of becoming a buyer for a retail store. Once they realize that buying is a lot of retail math and spreadsheets, a lot of students change their career path. Even though being a buyer is hard work, it is an extremely valuable career and there are a lot of job positions in this field. 

For me, being a buyer was never an appealing career path. Since being at LIM College though, I have realized that if event planning ever fails for me, I could potentially pursue becoming a buyer.

This semester I am taking a class called Merchandise Planning and Control. In this class you learn the basic formulas for profit and loss statements, mark-up formulas and many other buying- related procedures. It is really interesting to see how the goods we are buying every day go through the process of being chosen and from what sources, being marked up in the stores, and ultimately the profits and losses made from the sale of the goods. 

I especially like this class because it really connects the fashion industry into the business world, which is what LIM College is all about.

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