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Starting Spring with a Fashion Marketing Internship

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The Spring 2013 semester has been officially underway here at LIM College for a few weeks, and judging by the explosion of fluorescent highlighter colors  in my planner, those weeks have been a whirlwind only sufficiently described by 3 words—busy, busy, busy! The “city that never sleeps” phrase has now been altered to the “city where Courtney never sleeps!” Luckily, I am loving every minute!

This semester, I would describe my classes as “highly thought provoking”—from Consumer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications, to Business Law and Junior Writing Topics—each class period is often a full on brain workout, featuring learning concepts that collide with conversation about real world situations and abstract thought about the culture we live in.

These “brain workouts” are confined to Mondays and Wednesdays, since I also have a part- time internship this semester. I spend Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the Oscar de la Renta Corporate Office/Showroom. Some of you may remember that I completed my required internship at the Oscar store on Madison Avenue during my freshman year, so I am glad to have naturally progressed to the corporate level with the same company—I am thrust into the world of Oscar each day, and it is a privilege to be a part of the consistent grind that is the foundation of one of the most luxurious designer brands in the world.

As a Marketing major here at LIM College, I wanted to spend my corporate internship in an environment where I could apply the fashion marketing concepts that I have learned to real world situations. As the intern for the Vice President of Marketing at Oscar, I am constantly learning. From observation to conversation, each day is full of new insight and knowledge. My understanding of the brand becomes more in-depth each day, and I am enthralled by the way that this fashion brand’s vision and identity is carried across all marketing and media platforms. As a marketing nerd myself, each day is fascinating.

internship Oscar de la Renta

If you’re out there somewhere in the world, wondering if you can make it to this sleepless city of New York, to LIM College, or to your dream internship in fashion, know that you can. You can and you will. I’m just a girl from the West Coast who packed up her bags and a heart full of hard work to find her way in a city pulsing with inspiration. I hope that by sharing my experiences with you throughout this semester, that I can be yours.

Each morning I push my shoulders back, take a deep breath, and walk into the world of Oscar—it feels like a dream, because it is one. You can live yours too. I hope to see you amongst this hustle and bustle soon.

Check back later for my take on New York Fashion Week and experiences at the Oscar de la Renta Fashion Week show.

Xoxo Court     

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