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Now that Spring Break is over, it is officially crunch time. I am prepping for the end of the semester (i.e. all of those group projects) by stacking up on printer ink, report covers, and most importantly, pounds upon pounds of coffee. You would think that since I am a junior, I would have learned by now that procrastination is public enemy number one, especially considering that I have four projects due on the same day. However, it’s always the same every semester…the night before everything is due, I’m bleary-eyed and guzzling coffee until the wee hours of the morning. I guess there are just some lessons you never learn while in college.

Although I loathe waiting until the last minute to finish projects, I am going to admit something…sometimes the projects are actually kind of interesting. Granted, I am the kind of person who gets much joy out of learning and receiving good grades so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I enjoy doing some projects. For example, the group project for my Market Research class consists of picking a company, identifying a problem or potential opportunity, and then conducting research in order to make a decision. My group chose to research whether should open a brick and mortar location in New York City. Although the project is difficult at times, it actually begins to get interesting once all the information starts to come together. Also, the project really helps to reinforce everything that is taught in the class, which is great because I have a really hard time paying attention in class.

Also, doing all of these group projects really does teach you about teamwork. Unfortunately, in my experience, I have learned all the negative lessons about teamwork…like how not everyone participates or manages their time well and so forth. The group projects also teach you how to present a professional finished report, which is what you will be doing in the “real world.” So overall, although at times I may be ready to throw my computer against a wall because I am so over doing a project, I do appreciate the value of the project process…after it is all completed of course.

So I should get back to work and get some of these projects done.  In the meantime, feel free to Facebook me…just make sure you let me know you’re a prospective LIM College student! Until next week!

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