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Reality Check: Life After Graduation

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So this week I was hit with a huge reality check…but I will get to that a little later. This week nothing too exciting happened at my internship. Although I had a lot to do since I’m setting up their Facebook page and working on getting a company blog up and running, it was pretty quiet at the offices. It was good to have an easy week at interning since things have been so hectic there for the past few weeks.

I wish I could say the same for school, which is where I got my reality check. Being in the classroom environment reminded me just how much there is to get done for the Capstone project. I felt completely overwhelmed as I sat with my group on Friday and talked about the project. But what really got me into full-on anxiety mode was an email that landed in my inbox from LIM College -- the email contained a form that needs to be filled out for graduation.

And then it really hit me and reality sunk in…I’m about to actually graduate in a few short months. I’m freaking out a little bit now because the day I never thought would come is approaching quickly and I’m definitely not ready at all! I just want to slow down time so I can have more time to work on this project and figure out what kind of career I want. I’ve been postponing thinking about my life post-graduation and that email reminded me that I probably can’t put it off any longer. So right now, I’m feeling like I’m in this weird limbo phase…let’s hope I get out of it soon so I can get it together to work on stuff for Capstone!

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