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The Student ID: An All-Access Pass to Discounts in NYC

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When you are a student in New York City, your student ID is pretty much your all-access pass to getting discounts. Everyone knows how great discounts can be, especially when you open your wallet and are faced with the disappointing reality that you are a broke college student. So where exactly can you go to get these discounts?

Eateries – Walking between all of the LIM College buildings totally builds up your appetite. But it’s hard to fill your stomach when you barely have enough money to afford some roasted nuts. Thankfully, a lot of places offer you discounts when you show that you are a student. For example, Europa Café (which is by the 5th Ave. building) gives you a 5% discount for lunch. It may not seem like a lot, but it does add up if you are grabbing a salad or sandwich there every day.

Retail Stores - If you show your student ID at certain retail stores, you can get a 10%-15% discount on every purchase. All you have to do is ask the cashier if the store gives student discounts. Sometimes even if the store doesn’t, the cashier might feel bad and give you a discount anyway! Some great stores that give you student discounts are Topshop, J.Crew, and Madewell.  Now you don’t have to decide between those jeans or that super cute dress…you can get both!

Museums – You can literally get into the majority of museums for free, even without your student ID.  Most museums, like MOMA (which is by the 53rd St. building) have nights where you can get free admission.  If you aren’t free on those nights, you can still get reduced admission on any other day you choose to go because of your student ID.  For example, at the Museum of Natural History you can see all of the special exhibits (which are really expensive) for less than $25.

I have made plenty of use of my student ID throughout my years at LIM College, which is why I’m hoping there is some way I can keep it after I graduate!  I can only dream…

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