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Styling Models for Fashion Shoots

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by Alyssa Francois (Class of 2014)

The most exciting part of my fashion internship is being able to work with influential models and stylists.

During trunk show photo shoots, my main responsibility is to style all the models according to the stylist’s vision. This so rewarding because I am forming relationships at the same time. Very often the stylists also ask for my input on looks, and I love that I am part of the decision-making process.

I have learned so many things from stylists like Laura Vassar, who has been featured in Vogue. LIM College also has a great fashion styling course. An internship like the one I’m doing now would be great hands-on experience for anyone pursuing a concentration (that’s a focused area of study within your major here at LIM) in styling.

Alyssa Francois - LIM College

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